Best NYC Meals For Under $10

It’s a well known fact that expenses in the concrete jungle can get pretty steep. And we know when it’s towards the end of the month or when you’re waiting for that bi-weekly paycheck to cash in, your wallet can feel a bit thin. With that said, here’s a list of our favorite eats that’ll keep your stomach satisfied even when you’re on a budget!

Image courtesy of Yelp user    Vivian C.

Image courtesy of Yelp user Vivian C.


There is a saturation of Halal Guys food trucks in every neighborhood but the best one is hands down the one on W 53rd St 6th Ave, next to Schwab/China Grill. A bowl of gyro over rice costs $8 now but it’s still worth it whether you’re treating your hangover or just want a no-fuss, simple plate of goodness. There’s enough food in one order for 1.5-2 meals if you stretch it. Whatever you decide, we highly recommend you douse your platter with as much white sauce as possible because that stuff’s addicting (think: the offspring of ranch dressing and tzatziki sauce).

2) Prince St Pizza

Image courtesy of Yelp user    Jennifer L.

Image courtesy of Yelp user Jennifer L.


When New York gives you pizza, Prince St goes the extra mile. It’s a grab-&-go type of joint and it might be a huge tourist destination but it’s not overhyped — it’s the real deal. With tax, you’re looking at just under $7 for a grandma slice/a square pie slice. It may be on the steeper end of the pizza slice spectrum but it’s necessary when you want a little indulgence. The pepperonis on it are melt in your mouth crispy and savory. The cheese, stringy and gooey. Pizza crusts are nobody’s favorite but on a square slice from here, there’s just the right amount of crust so you’re in carb-alicious heaven. #TreatYourself!

3) Sun Hing Lung Co

Image courtesy of Yelp user    Byron W.

Image courtesy of Yelp user Byron W.


All the rice rolls at Sun Hing Lung Co are made fresh to order. You can order from their menu or make your own combination and add egg, pork, fish balls, corn, etc. At $1.50-$2.00/rice roll base value, your meal is basically a steal!

PS, you must get here between the hours of 7:30am-3:30pm because the shop stops making rice rolls after that!

4) 88 Lan Zhou Handmade Noodles

Image courtesy of Yelp user   An Y.

Image courtesy of Yelp user An Y.


When Lan Zhou shut down last year to relocate from E Broadway to Bowery, we honestly didn’t know what to do with ourselves. There are so many dumpling places in New York but the ones at Lan Zhou definitely captured our hearts, and our pockets (8 dumplings/$4). There’s just something about their garlic breath-inducing soy dumpling sauce + chili oil that makes these bad boys shine brighter than the rest.

5) Matto Espresso

Image courtesy of Matto

Image courtesy of Matto


We are extremely thankful there are 8 different Matto locations that span from Greenwich Village all the way up to Harlem because EVERYTHING and we mean everything costs $2! Vegan GF donut? $2. Goat cheese feta sandwich? $2. Strawberry rhubarb cake? $2. Latte? $2. You get the picture.