New York’s Most Instaworthy Coffee Shops


There’s just something about New York that makes us crave caffeine all day, everyday, all the time. Is it the hustle? The fast-paced lifestyle? The plethora of social functions? Though we’re not completely sure about the root cause of it, what we’re sure of is: New Yorkers love coffee! From decor to latte art, we’re spilling the beans on the most picturesque coffee shops in New York.

Sweet Moments

1) Sweet Moments was the first café to introduce “creamart” to us and we’re thankful these little cups are so cheerful, colorful, and utterly adorable.

2) Cup & Cup is a cozy Korean café that’s perfect for all your before 4pm pick-me-ups. They usually pour regular latte art but if you request “cute latte art” at payment, the barista will not disappoint you! It’s insanely quiet inside so your drink comes with a heavy dose of me-time, free of charge. FYI, this establish is cash only!

Cup & Cup
( image courtesy of    @aya408  )

(image courtesy of @aya408)

3) Urban Backyard is a relatively new coffee shop that just opened earlier this summer. They have the cutest storefront and offer pinterest-level succulent cupcakes.

p.s., They’re also committed to green living and social responsibility!

4) Galerie de Café is a hidden gem in Tribeca. Their most popular item is their rainbow latte art. Who doesn’t love rainbows?

Galerie de cafe
( image courtesy of Ramini Espresso Bar )

(image courtesy of Ramini Espresso Bar)

5) If you haven’t come across this world map table at Ramini Espresso Bar, then we don’t think you’ve surfed the web hard enough. Talk about intense wanderlust inspo.

6) Even though Round K is primarily known for its matte black latte, we’re loving these floral tea cups that look like life-size replicas from our childhood tea party days.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.44.27 PM.png
( image courtesy of Bluestone Lane )

(image courtesy of Bluestone Lane)

7) We have yet to encounter an Australian café we didn’t like. Bluestone Lane has locations all across New York, with each location having its own identity. Your not-so-typical café chain.

8) We are swooning over REMI because it’s a coffee shop that doubles as a plant/flower shop. Come for coffee and leave with a bouquet...or fiddle fig tree.

( image courtesy of    @thecoffeeleague  )

(image courtesy of @thecoffeeleague)

9) Deconstructed is the IT way to enjoy everything because you get to really taste each and every component. This deconstructed latte by Coffee Project NY is quite something. Wouldn’t you agree?

10) If you’ve never had espresso in your mascarpone nor have you slathered a thick layer of it over your Two Hands banana & walnut bread, you haven’t lived life. It’s like eating a coffee cloud. We told you Aussies know their way around a café.

(image courtesy of    @georgiarounder   )

(image courtesy of @georgiarounder)