It’s a Pink NYC!


A friend of ours recently asked us for “pink-themed” locations/things in NYC. We came up with quite a few of these pink-motifs so here’s a compiled list for you to enjoy. Think pink explosion. Girly to the max. Totally Instagram-able.

1) Pietro Nolita

Described as a 1950s-type eatery with an Italian fare, Pietro Nolita is probably the most instagrammed spot on IG. Its exterior facade and benches are of a Hubba Bubba bubble gum pink. Its interior is too!

Image courtesy of   Pietro Nolita   ;  174 Elizabeth St

Image courtesy of Pietro Nolita; 174 Elizabeth St

2) Blank Slate Tea

This modern day tea bar + cafe in Nomad is next on our list. Flanked by a long pink booth with a pink hued, rustic floral backdrop, BST serves premium coffees, teas, and kombucha on tap. If that didn’t sway you, there’s also scrumptious pink treats like the Pink Hummus Toast and Rose Gold Dip Dessert that glitters for days.


3) While We Were Young

I’m sure you came across that luscious velvet cushioned couch and marble table combo somewhere at some point in your 2K18 life. Be it a campaign shoot, Gotham, InStyle, or NY Mag, While We Were Young is what we like to call a very posh & chic New American restaurant.

Image courtesy of   While We Were Young  ; 183 W 10th St

Image courtesy of While We Were Young; 183 W 10th St

4) LRoom Cafe

The newest addition to NYC this summer is LRoom by Union Square. It’s decked out in pink, white, dried flowers, roses and totally reminds us of the themed cafes in Korea. They have fruit-shaped desserts + waffles and drinks decked out with edible flowers. If Brittany Murphy’s character in Uptown Girls was here today, we think she’d go nuts for this place.

Image courtesy of   LRoom Cafe  ; 41 W 14th St

Image courtesy of LRoom Cafe; 41 W 14th St